The Bone Collection – Kathy Reichs

Title: The Bone Collection9781785150968
Author: Kathy Reichs
Genre: Crime/Mystery
Pages: 352
Category: 34. Read a Mystery Book
Format: Paper

Date Started: January 4th 2017
Date Finished: January 5th 2017

I first read a Kathy Reichs book shortly after discovering the TV show Bones. Until then I had generally disliked most of the crime novels I had attempted to read. Something about Déjà Dead was different though and I was completely drawn in. Don’t get me wrong, book version of Temperance Brennan is nothing like TV Temperance Brennan but I loved them both equally. I devoured every book after that until I finished her eleventh book and found out there weren’t anymore. Yet.

That was 2008 (or maybe early 2009). Every year since I’ve eagerly awaited a new book and 2016 was no different. Unfortunately, I was too busy to read it before 2016 came to a close so fittingly it is my first book of 2017.

Unlike the other books starring Brennan this one consists of four short stories (well, they’re quite long I would almost class them as novellas). Without giving too much away I’ve listed them below.

Bones in her Pocket – This story is close to home set in North Carolina where the bones of a young girl are washed up by a storm. The story explores eco-terrorism, but I really don’t want to say more than that for fear of ruining it for you, except to say I really did not see the ending coming.
Swamp Bones – Tempe wants to relax on holiday in Florida but instead she gets drawn into an investigation of human bones found in the swamp. Not my favourite of the stories but certainly interesting enough to keep my attention.
Bones on Ice – I loved this story, while the investigation happens in Charlotte the crime itself happened on Mount Everest.
First Bones – This one was a little bittersweet and slightly strange to read but I did enjoy seeing a younger Tempe finding her calling.

While I personally loved this collection it is definitely not the book to start your Kathy Reichs adventure with. Seriously guys, who is reading book series’ out of order? Start at the beginning.

Rating: 4/5 (but 5/5 for the series as a whole, go check it out)


(PS. Don’t be surprised if there’s at least one more Kathy Reichs book on this list before the year is out)


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