Goosebumps (2015)

Title: Goosebumpsgoosebumps_film_poster
Year: 2015
Director: Rob Letterman
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Date Watched: January 28, 2017
Category: A Fantasy

Like most kids growing up in the 90’s I read more than my fair share of Goosebumps books. If it had Camp somewhere in the title then it’s a fair bet I read it starting with The Horror at Camp Jelly-Jam and ending with Ghost Camp. From choose your own adventure stories like The Cuckoo Clock of Doom to classics like Monster Blood.

Understandably I had a lot of expectations for this movie, something that I usually try to avoid. So, feel free to take this review with that knowledge in mind. What I expected going in was a classic Goosebumps scare, a scary campfire story. What I did not expect was an imaginary girl and an author who’s creations have come to life to terrorise a town.

Okay, ignoring the obvious issue of, what on earth is Zach’s mother and aunt thinking not noticing that first he did not return from taking the bins out for several hours and secondly when he was not in his room for the entire night.

I can’t quite pinpoint why I was so disappointed by this movie, maybe because it seemed so similar to a 21st century Jumanji. Maybe because it wasn’t like the books I knew and loved as a child. Maybe it was because it was unclear who it was aimed at, given that it seemed too scary for a child but not scary enough for an adult.

Oddly enough though, this movie further explored what seems to have become a theme for the year for me, words have power. Perhaps this was amplified by the fact that I started reading City of Bones only a few hours earlier where the tagline is ‘All the stories are true’. That is certainly the theme of this book too. While the stories were not true, the creatures became real with R.L Stine’s writing of them. Words are power.

Rating: 2.5/5 stars


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