Veronica Mars (2014)

Title: Veronica Mars220px-veronica_mars_film_poster
Year: 2014
Director: Rob Thomas
Genre: Drama/Mystery
Date Watched: February 11, 2017
Category: #26 A film set in a country you’ve never been to

My fiancee has been trying to convince me to watch Veronica Mars with her almost as long as we’ve known each other and finally I gave in a few weeks ago… cue three seasons binge watched in the space of a few weeks and we were finally ready to take on the movie.

For those of you who have never seen or heard of Veronica Mars, it’s a TV show that ran for three seasons following the life of, you guessed it… Veronica Mars. Veronica was a teenage girl living in Neptune, California, where most of the kids were rich. Her dad used to be the sheriff but opened a Private Detective Agency after being kicked out of the sheriff’s office. Veronica spends her free time helping her dad out with cases and also helping out the kids at school who seem to get themselves into all sorts of trouble. Plus she dates, mostly the same few boys repeatedly, but that’s another story. Oh and her best friend was murdered and she doesn’t think the man behind bars is the real killer.

The movie picks up several years later, with Veronica having finished up with college and looking for her first ‘adult’ job. She’s long since left Neptune and most of it’s people behind her. Until she sees a news story about the death of an old classmate and gets a call from her ex-boyfriend who just happened to be dating the dead girl. Naturally she can’t say no to her ex-boyfriend and ends up back in Neptune, just in time for her high-school reunion.

As a standalone movie this one is probably pretty average and might not make very much sense but as a movie for fans of the show it hits most of the nostalgic moments that a viewer wants. Most of the major characters from the TV series make it back, Veronica, Wallace, Mac, Weevil, the school principal, Logan, Dick, the school mean girls including Madeline, Gia and naturally Veronica’s dad Keith Mars. There’s plenty of references to the early show as well as references to the proposed season 4 which appeared as a bonus on the DVDs, where Veronica joined the FBI and starts her first day on the job. The only thing we don’t quite get closure on is her first boyfriend Duncan. Whatever happened to Duncan after he fled from the country in Season 2?

In many ways the movie follows the same patterns as the TV show and while some characters have grown in the intervening years others appear to be just the same as they were in high school. In a sense the movie is like coming home for a fan, just the way you remembered the show but with a slightly more reluctant Veronica but still getting caught up in a boy’s drama and forgetting her own goals just the same. As much as I enjoyed the ending which was far more satisfying than the end of the series was, I had very much hoped that it would be Veronica staying in Neptune and campaigning for sheriff, finally giving the town of Neptune a competent law enforcer and following in her father’s footsteps. Alas…

Rating: 4/5 stars



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