Carol (2015)

Title: Carolcarol_film_poster
Year: 2015
Director: Todd Haynes
Genre: Drama/LGBT
Category: #2 An LGBT film

Again, I’m going to leave out the date watched so we can get through these a bit quicker. Besides, it’s been quite a while since I watched this one.

As soon as I heard about Carol I was sure I was going to watch it. In part because it’s an LGBT film and in part because I love Cate Blanchett.

I’m not quite sure what I was expecting from this movie though. I think it did kind of deliver despite that. It’s a little bit melancholy a little bit coming of age (in your 20’s) and also a little bit romantic.

The relationship between these two is a little bit strange though and I think maybe that’s because there’s just not a lot in the way of chemistry between them even though they both did a great job in their parts.

I do think it did a great job of exploring the realization that there’s something not quite right in your life and doing something to try and fix that.

Rating: 2.5/5 Stars


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