2017 in Review

You guys will all be pleased to know that I made my 2017 goal for movies as of Friday after watching the Circle and my 2017 goal for books with 11 hours to spare. There’s still a few 2017 posts for you to look forward to in the next few days though.

My goals for 2018 are a little less concrete than this year. Largely my goal in completing these lists was to broaden my horizons by reading books in genres and by authors I wouldn’t normally read. On those counts I feel I was successful. For 2018, I plan to check out some more books in genres that I discovered I enjoyed such as fantasy and sci-fi as well as finishing off some books from series that I started this year such as Aftermath (the Star Wars series). So far on my list is – The Dresden Files, some more Star Wars books, Game of Thrones (yes I’ve seen the series) and I’d love to check out more indie authors. I’ll still be posting movie reviews for anything I watch and possibly some TV reviews thrown in but I’m going to keep my focus on books so expect plenty of reviews.

My other exciting news is… That my first novella will be published in early 2018. I’m planning to get a newsletter up and running in the next week or so for anyone who is interested in taking a look at it (more details for you all in the next week or so about the newsletter and the novella)

In the mean time…


I’m off to enjoy some delicious punch (well first I’ll make punch then drink it) and I suggest you all do the same.


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