A Christmas Prince (2017)

Title: A Christmas Princea_christmas_prince
Year: 2017
Director: Alex Zamm
Genre: Christmas/Romance
Category: #23 A Christmas Movie

Okay, it’s no secret that I absolutely love Christmas movies, you guys are lucky I didn’t complete this one way back in July except that no one is releasing Christmas movies in July and I’ve already seen the rest. Every year I make my fiancee sit through at least a few Christmas movies with me whether that be the Grinch, Elf and probably Love Actually, even though she really doesn’t like Will Ferrell and has an irrational dislike for all things British. So of course when I saw my favourite zombie (Rose McIver) starring in a Christmas movie on Netflix I was ready to crack out the popcorn.

If you like Christmas movie you’ll probably enjoy this, if you like trashy romantic comedies, you’ll probably enjoy it. If you don’t like either of those two things… run. Lucky for me. I love both of those things.

This movie is so predictable that it hurts and so sickly sweet but god it pulls at your heartstrings. Yes, of course she’s keeping a secret, of course someone is going to find out. Of course there’s a happy ending. But that’s what Christmas rom-coms are all about.

Rating: 3.5/5 stars