The X-Files: Devil’s Advocate – Jonathan Maberry

Title: The X-Files: Deveil’s Advocate51rv6ne7xel-_sx328_bo1204203200_
Author: Jonathan Maberry
Genre: Young Adult/Mystery
Pages: 320
Category: 51. Read a book not set in your country, but exists today
Format: Paper

So I’ve been a fan of X-files since I was way too young to be watching it. I’ve seen all the episodes including the movies and the latest season and I’m eagerly awaiting the next season in January. So getting a chance to see a teenage Scully in action was a real treat. Especially since she starts off the book not as a skeptic but a believer. It’s not until the end that we get to see a Scully we’re more familiar with.

This book is honestly a good read even if you didn’t watch the X-Files, it works well as a standalone thought I’ll definitely be looking up the Mulder version. But if you didn’t watch the show or you need a refresher, you’ve got a lovely reminder of teenage Dana Scully at the top, who I just found out was actually played by Gillian Anderson’s younger sister.

Rating: 4/5 stars