The Unexpected Guest – Agatha Christie

Title: The Unexpected Guestthe-unexpected-guest
Author: Agatha Christie
Genre: Murder Mystery/Play
Pages: 114
Category: 44. Read a book where a stranger comes to town
Format: Paper

Date Started: June 20th 2017
Date Finished: June 24th 2017

Okay, so this is a play not a novel as such but… It’s well worth a read. This is the first of 3 Agatha Christie works to make it onto my list this year. So I’ll address the obvious criticisms of Agatha Christie now. She has been criticised for having poor character development and while I agree that if Agatha Christie were writing now she probably wouldn’t get published for that reason it’s also important to remember that she is not writing now. Her books were written half a century ago when much character development was of a similar level. So yes the characters are incredibly superficial but it didn’t take away from my enjoyment of any of the books I read of hers. In part perhaps because these books are incredibly short, but also because they have such great reveals that I wasn’t expecting.

In fact, that was my favourite thing about this play. Just as I was thinking it was a little bit boring and that it wasn’t worth my time, it turns out boom. Actually here’s this thing I just wasn’t expecting. Boom here’s another one.

This play is set entirely in a single room, with an unexpected guest coming across a house where a woman is standing over a dead man. A very clearly murdered man. And thus begins the murder mystery.

Rating: 3.5/5 stars