Viral – Helen Fitzgerald

Title: Viral32175491
Author: Helen Fitzgerald
Genre: General
Pages: 253
Category: 31. Read a book on paper
Format: Paper

Date Started: September 19th 2017
Date Finished: September 19th 2017

This book is super short and made a great holiday read. Nothing better to do on a huge cruise ship than lay by the pool and read… except of course being in the pool.

The basic idea of this book is that an explicit video of a teenage girl goes viral. She doesn’t remember the night, but she doesn’t have to because it’s all over the internet. She’s too scared to go home, so she doesn’t.

But the video doesn’t seem like something that she would do and her mum becomes suspicious, so does she. But, what can they do? Will the law even prosecute someone for filming and distributing a video of a girl who is clearly too drunk to consent?

Rating: 4/5 stars