This challenge I came up with by myself because I couldn’t find a film challenge I liked. Feel free to steal it and do your own 2017 challenge. Any film counts as only one menu item and it can’t be something I’ve seen before.

  1. Film released in 2017 Spiderman: Homecoming
  2. Film made in home country
  3. An LGBT film Carol
  4. A film about sport
  5. Film with subtitles The Great Wall
  6. Documentary Minimalism
  7. A film in the cinema La La Land
  8. A streamed film Nerve
  9. A superhero movie Thor: The Dark World
  10. An animated movie for adults/anime
  11. A horror/thriller
  12. A romantic comedy
  13. A comedy Bad Moms
  14. A drama The Girl on the Train
  15. A book adaptationThe Girl With All the Gifts 
  16. The first film in a series
  17. The last film in a series My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
  18. A remake Ghostbusters
  19. A film made before 2000 Jumanji
  20. A film made before 1980 Jaws
  21. A cult film
  22. A ‘based on true story’ film The Lost City of Z
  23. A christmas film
  24. A musical Victor/Victoria
  25. A film about travel Passengers
  26. A film set in a country you’ve never been to Veronica Mars
  27. A film starring Meryl Streep
  28. A science fiction film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
  29. An apocalypse/dystopian film
  30. A long film (more than 3 hours)
  31. An epic film (more than 5 hours or mini series of same length)
  32. A film that has won an Oscar Suicide Squad
  33. A film that has been featured at Sundance
  34. A short (less than 15 minutes) Quadrangle, Supporting Film, It’s a Date, 9 Days, Last Letters
  35. A short film (less than 90 minutes) Let’s Be Evil
  36. A movie with a rotten tomato score of less than 20%
  37. A movie with a rotten tomato score above 90% Doctor Strange
  38. A movie about war
  39. A movie about animals Pete’s Dragon
  40. A movie that made at least 1 billion gross
  41. A movie recommended by a family member The Secret Life of Pets
  42. A movie recommended by a friend
  43. A movie that’s been on your to watch list at least 12 months Jurassic World
  44. A movie starring a woman
  45. A movie starring someone of a race other than yours
  46. An animated movie for children The Good Dinosaur
  47. A live action movie for children Beauty and the Beast
  48. Fantasy movie Goosebumps
  49. An action movie Ghost in the Shell
  50. A teen movie The Edge of Seventeen
  51. A historical movie The Book Thief
  52. A philosophical movie Gifted

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